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Legal Services For Mobile and Baldwin County

Legal Services for Mobile Alabama

If you're in the unfortunate position of needing legal services in Mobile or Baldwin County, please contact the Monk Law firm and I will try to make the process as painless as possible. The firm strives to provide quality legal services at an affordable price. Furthermore, the firm offers a free consultation. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid consulting an attorney before going to court or to wonder if you really need a lawyer. It never hurts to give me a call.

Some of the areas of law in which I practice includes divorce, criminal and personal injury. I have been practicing law for 15 years. During that 15 year time period, I have practiced in many different municipal and state courts throughout the State of Alabama. I have also handled many legal issues and problems that have touched on a variety different areas of law.

If you have a criminal charge pending you should seek legal representation because you can even be sentenced to jail time even if this is your first charge. I have seen firsthand the unfortunate shock on the person's face when he or she is sentenced to jail time. Some people think they do not need an attorney because they are innocent. Unfortunately, they do not understand that there has been a criminal charge filed against them and it is the prosecutor's job to get a conviction.

Another case in which people try to avoid hiring the legal services of a lawyer is when they try to file uncontested divorce on their own. I have seen people try to get their divorce two different ways. One way that people try get a divorce, is to go to a law library and try to find the forms themselves. The forms are not self-explanatory and can be complex. Furthermore, the forms are a guide and does not cover every clause you may need in your divorce paperwork. The second way, some people purchase a divorce kit online. I've been hired by many different people who have tried to file the divorce themselves by getting forms at the law library or purchasing a divorce kit online which have been rejected by the court.

If you are in the need of legal services or advice, please give me a call. I understand that problems do always happen during normal business hours. Consequently, if you call and leave a message, a lawyer call you back as soon as possible.

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