Mobile Municipal Court Overview

mobile-courtIf you have a charge pending in a Mobile Municipal Court, you need to hire at an attorney as soon as possible. Generally, you can be sentenced to up to six months in jail plus a $500 fine plus court costs on any charge pending in the city court. There is one exception. If you have a DUI pending in a city court, the judge can sentence you up to 365 days in jail and a fine starting at $600 plus court costs.

I regularly practice before many municipal courts in Mobile County and Baldwin County. Different city courts have different ways of handling different charges along with a different handling the payment of fines and court costs. Some city courts have additional requirement that a defendant must also complete to be in compliance with the court’s order. That is why is always important that you hire an attorney That has practiced before that Municipal Court.

When Does Mobile Municipal Court Meet?

Mobile City Court meets every day of the week. Some of the court dockets are devoted solely to the traffic court and some to criminal court. The court is located on the second floor of the Government Plaza which is located at 205 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama. They have several judges that rotate through the docket. The docket is just a list of all people that has a court appearance on that day to hear the merits of their particular case. A specific Mobile docket schedule is listed below.
Mobile Municipal Court Docket Schedule

What if I have a warrant because I missed court?

Mobile municipal court used to have a add-on docket for people that have missed court and consequently had a warrant issued for their arrest because of their failure to appear in court. Now generally, there are two ways to handle this matter. First they can hire an attorney and have the attorney filed a motion to recall the warrant. Additionally, the attorney will request a trial date. The second way, the person can turn themselves in at the Metro Jail and bond out again. However, the defendant will more than likely have a cash bond, which means he/she will have to pay their entire bond to get out of jail.

How are the payment of fines and court costs handled?

If you are found guilty or you plead guilty, typically you will be given an opportunity to pay your court cost and fines on a schedule. All the money is not due that day. However, I always suggest to my clients if they can afford to pay it, they should pay the entire amount that day. Obviously, this will eliminate the possibility of the client getting called back in the court for failure to pay the court fines and cost.